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Plow Mount RM4 für Can Am Quad von Moose

148.75 EUR

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Art.Nr.: 4501-0332
Plow Mount RM4 für Can Am Quad von Moose

Industry leading triangulated front mount push tube distributes the plowing
force over a wider area for maximum strength and stability. Simple hand lever
integrated into the push tube engages and disengages the plow from the machine
in seconds. Built in retractable kickstand keeps your plow at the correct height to
simply drive up and connect the plow. Class leading lift height of over 30” on some
models! Receiver style mount is easy to connect/disconnect Modification or removal
of stock plastic skidplates is required on some models. Does not work with Moose
Utility Division front bumpers. Blade can be turned to any of 5 positions easily
using the blade position adjuster located on the push tube. Made in USA.
1. Plow frame (4501-0329.)
2. Mount plate specific to your ATV .
3. Winch & winch mount, if ATV doesn't already have a winch
mounted (See chart.) See pages 18-19 for winches.
4. Plow blade of your choice
Passt bei:
Outlander 400 06-11
Outlander 500 07-11
Outlander 650 06-11
Outlander 800 06-11

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Schneeschild 127 cm Standard von MOOSE

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Hebekit von Moose

Hebekit von Moose

Quick-connect mounting hardware allows easy hookup and fast removal
Universal, heavy-duty push tube withstands the roughest use
Blade swivel constructed of 3/8" steel with 20" blade attaching points for greater blade support and strength
Open swivel eliminates dirt and snow buildup in the pivot point
Five blade swivel positions and four-way blade pitch adjustment
ATV plow bottom-mount kits include all necessary hardware to attach universal push tube and plow to your ATV
Winch mount kits accept WARN, Moose and Superwinch winches

136.85 EUR (inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten)

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